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Gizzy & Simba

Mother & daughter Gizzy & Simba were abandoned and took up residence in someone's shed.  They were both pregnant and had their kittens at the same time.  The kittens have all found new homes and now we need to find the Mums loving new homes.  They can be adopted together or seperately.  Both loving, affectionate girls who've had a rotten start in life and have been here a while. Is there a special someone out there who can offer these young ladies some hope for the future?  

I'm the longest stay cat in our branch.  I put a brave face on it, but it's hard to be happy when you're ignored. I try not to get disheatened but every day that goes by, I lose a little hope.  I know people like little kittens but I'm only a few months older and I've so much to give. But there's someone out there for everyone they tell me.  So if it's you, please hurry up and ring xxx